Wilderness Photography exhibition

We’re incredibly lucky to be exhibiting a number of large, beautifully framed photographs of wild landscapes in New Zealand. The breathtaking images were captured by Hamilton photographer, John Leathwick, and are presented as a celebration of some of New Zealand’s captivating and environmentally important vistas.

About John

Photography has been an enduring feature of John Leathwick’s life, ever since he was given his first camera, a Brownie Starlet, at around the age of 10. It was this simple film camera, equipped with a borrowed flash and close-up lens, that he used to take his first ever ‘wildlife photo’ – of a blackbird nest he discovered in the hydrangea bushes behind the school dental clinic.

John has a life-long passion for the outdoors; he worked as an ecologist studying New Zealand’s outdoor world for 35 years, first with the Forest Research Institute and then Landcare Research, followed by periods of several years each at NIWA and DOC.

He left full-time science work in 2014 to pursue other things, including photography, and consultancy work for various organisations in New Zealand and overseas.

This small collection of prints were taken on recent trips into some of John’s favourite wild places. For more examples of John’s work, visit his blog: JohnLeathwick.wordpress.com

John Leathwick
John Leathwick
John Leathwick

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